A beautiful staircase
As you step inside the front door of this historic property, you will see before you a beautiful curved stairway.

This is a replication of the original stairway that had been removed some years ago. The balusters and newel posts came out of a house that was also built in the 1860's. The handrail has been hand-made. During the restoration of the house to its original grandeur of 1878, outlining marks on the original floorboards showed the curvature of the stair and the shape of the newel post.

After removing a closet in the foyer, it was revealed that the original doorway into the kitchen had been closed off and a door had been cut into the living room from the kitchen. A letter that Maud had written, stating that the door from the hall to the kitchen would swing open and that they would prop a chair against the door to keep it closed, confirmed this fact.

In the ceiling of the foyer, there is a safe where a stovepipe from a stove in the hallway would have gone up into the chimney upstairs. It was very common to have long sections of stovepipe from a stove to the flue, as the pipe would give off heat to the room before entering the chimney.

A section of what we believe to be the original wallpaper on this room is framed in the upper hallway. It is a Scottish thistle design and was made by MENZIE LINE, TORONTO. When removing the layers of old wallpaper, this was the first paper that was on the unpainted plaster beneath.