Maud penned in her Journal,
It was the view from this window that caused Lucy Maud Montgomery to pen in her Journal on Friday, August 3, 1894 "After tea I came up to the Parsonage. I have a great big room too big commanding a lovely view of the bay." More than 100 years ago, the young schoolteacher Maud, came to board with the Rev. John F. Estey, his wife Ada L. and daughter Ina Maud. The view from this bedroom window is much the same today as it would have been in 1894 - looking out onto a hayfield and beyond - onto the sparkling waters of the Goodwood River as it flows out into Malpeque Bay and on to the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Take note of the original softwood pine floor with square-headed forged nails that appears as it did in Maudís day. A Prince Edward Island made pine dresser, the spool bed with a wooden frame, woven spring and feather tick*, will take you back to an other era. Dresses from the Victorian period give the room the appearance that you have just stepped into a young ladies private room.

(*A feather tick is a large cotton cloth case filled with feathers and down.)