This living room window was a beautiful background setting for many a wedding couple.
In 1954, the original bay window was removed and replaced with a large 3-lite mullion picture window. To restore the house to it's original appearance, the mullion window was removed and a bay window of the original style was reconstructed.

A hardwood floor was taken up to reveal the original softwood floor. Wear marks on the floor on both sides of where the stove was situated, indicated where people would have stood by the stove to warm themselves. The mantle and wood trim have been restored to match the original trim of the house.

This room contains a large collection of period photos and pictures as well as a growing library of books. You are invited to enjoy the peaceful serenity of this room.

Many young couples of the area were married in this room. While Maud was staying at the Parsonage, she dismissed school early on September 18th 1894, in order to come home to witness a wedding being performed by The Rev. Estey.